Based in Los Angeles, musician and songleader Charlie Kramer weaves performances rooted in deep connection, expertly combining song and spirit for an unparalleled communal experience. Charlie’s music, indie folk-rock rooted in celebrating Jewish tradition, stems from a lifelong spiritual journey -- one that he has made his mission to share with listeners through magnetic, intimate, soul-driven songleading.

Though Charlie always manages to create beauty on his own, he shines when collaborating with local singer-songwriters and utilizing community participation. By merging his skills in songleading and songwriting, Charlie’s music fosters a community that encourages vibrant, spiritual insights. Charlie’s impact as a musician goes far beyond simply putting out impressive folk-rock tracks -- more accurately, he is in the business of making special moments and memories. Each song is fused with high energy and human spirit, serving as a direct link between Charlie and his listeners. 




Pulling inspiration from fellow folk masterminds including The Avett Brothers and City & Colour, Charlie works hard to craft fluid indie arrangements designed to awaken the senses. Layers of jangling rhythms beneath Charlie’s smooth, articulate vocals allow for a tender sonic experience you won’t find just anywhere. On his debut EP, We Will Overcome , Charlie maps out personal and global struggles with comforting, spiritually-driven sing-along anthems that will feel like classics from the moment you first hear them.

Interested in having Charlie lead a service or play a concert with your community? Please contact him here.